Who we are

We are a non-profit organization which helps you to repair everyday things. Inspired by the international repair café movement that started in the Netherlands, we help people in Malmö and the region to not only extend the lifetime of their loved devices and textile, but also learn something about how to repair it yourself.

Repair Café Malmö is a diverse crowd of highly engaged people which has the aim to reduce the increasing amount of waste that all of us produce in our everyday life. We are no repair professionals, even though some of us are working in this field, e.g. electrical engineers, programmers or researchers. Most of us learn to repair by helping each other and now we want to help you too. If you feel like it you might even want to become a volunteer, we welcome everyone!

How it works

Our main interest is to help you to fix your device or textile yourself. Now you might think you have no clue how to fix your laptop, camera, toaster, kettle, vacuum cleaner or jeans – but we help you with it! As we are all volunteers, there is no guarantee that we are able to repair your device. However, you can be sure we give our best!

We have tools, experience and the space to help you with your broken devices. We are mainly helping with electronics, mechanical problems and clothes, but are prepared to try almost anything. For bicycles we refer to Cykelköket Malmö who do amazing things with broken bicycles.

Why Café?

Well, it’s obvious that there is no event without a fika! We usually have free coffee and cookies, but feel free to bring something if you feel like it!

What does it cost?

It’s free! We’re all volunteers and are not getting paid, we don’t charge you. Nevertheless, if you’re happy with the repair and want to support us, you can donate to the organization and support the repair of many more things. Our running costs come mainly from tools, fikas and transport, when we have special events.

If you feel we deserve a donation, you are welcome to so.

When and where we meet

Our main venue is Stadsbiblioteket Malmö, at “Slottet”, one staircase up. Additionally we have special events, on festivals, with other organizations and groups that are interested in helping people, society and the environment. All our events are posted on the main page, so keep a lookout there!

What we already achieved

We try to keep track of all the things we fixed and therestartproject.org offers a platform to save the data and convert it to something everyone can relate with. Check out our repair statistics!