How to shop more repairable

One common problem we experience when helping visitors is, that the broken things are not meant to get repaired. There are three overall groups of broken items:

  • Designed and produced as single use or non-replaceable product, without considering repairs at all.
  • Designed and produced with the intention to make it hard to fix, sometimes that’s even worse than just not considering.
  • Designed and produced with the option to get repaired, either by the manufacturer, a skilled person or the owner.

Depending on the “thing” you want to purchase, it might be difficult to evaluate its repairability before buying it. That’s why we have a little guide, before heading out and just buying the next best thing.

Of cause, it’s always the best option if you don’t need to buy something in the first place, but our guide is also helpful if you want to buy second hand, with a bit of assurance that you’ll be able keep it alive, even though it’s already used.

This guide is not complete and in constant change. Feel free to contact us with your ideas. If you want to edit the file directly, you can find the original here.

The Guide

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